Part of the reserves are for the One New Bailey office block

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canadian goose jacket In return they are to receive 2.6 million pounds in canada goose victoria uk Section 106 money. There is canada goose jacket outlet store effectively a one party state in Salford and there is a complete absence of accountability, transparency and democracy. Non violent direct action is thus called for to challenge the hegemony of the council re both its contemptuous dismissal of local concerns, needs and welfare and its subservience to the corporate agenda.Star date: 6th March 2019ECCLES SHELTER ACHIEVES ITS AIM OF KEEPING PEOPLE SAFE OVER WINTERThe Saving People Shelter in Eccles, which was occupied last November by homeless people and supporters, will stay open until at least 23rd April, the date now set for a full day’s appeal hearing following NHS Property Service’s attempt to evict the residents.”This building is called a ‘shelter’ not a ‘squat’ because the residents themselves have been working so hard to better their lives” says Angela Barratt of Salford Street Support “We hope that the building will be able to stay open to help people who fall through the gaps of society.”TORIES ‘SHOCKED’ AT AMOUNT OF EARMARKED RESERVESAt last week’s budget canada goose outlet miami meeting canada goose outlets uk of Salford City Council, Conservative Councillor, Karen Garrido, declared herself ‘really shocked’ that the city was sitting on 85million of earmarked reserves, as well as 13.2million of actual reserves.”What are they earmarked for?” she asked.”Prudential use of our resources” came the response.Part of the reserves are for the One New Bailey office block, for which the Council had originally squirrelled away over 12million.. canadian goose jacket

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