But the New English colonists differed markedly from their

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After the game, Kilmallie boss John Stewart said: delighted. Every single Kilmallie player was outstanding. Although they were all brilliant, our man of the match was Innes Blackhall at full centre against Jamie Robinson. During the seventeenth century, the social and economic pressures within England that generated the Chesapeake colonies also spawned the colonization of a region to the north named New England. But the New English colonists differed markedly from their Chesapeake contemporaries. And most of the New English espoused a more demanding faith than the Anglicanism practiced in the Chesapeake.

The counter example is Go. People are significantly less critical of Go (if we ignore the fact that Go has been deliberately designed to be comparatively simple, to the point of the Go developers thinking that people are all idiots); and more people use Go, too. So this is sort of strange by Google really..

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